Leo Limpens
 Co-Founder & Managing Partner
 Yellow Dress Retail
Vortrag: 05.12. | 14:10 | Breakout 12: Packaging: Increase Value – Decrease Waste
Reality Check with Experts
“Packaging – much of it single-use food wrapping – has created a waste problem that now pollutes every corner of the world. It’s up to us to dig ourselves out. In short, modern society perceives packaging design as the design of waste. We need to start behaving like we are designing new resources instead of waste.”
Loe Limpens studied Fashion design at the Academy of applied arts in Maastricht and Design Management in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In 2001 Loe joined Albert Heijn (Ahold/Delhaize). In 2009 Loe started Yellow Dress Retail, an agency specialised in Retail communication, Retail design and Private Label Packaging design. He is a Jury member for several packaging design awards and passionate speaker on Trends, Design and Retail Brands.

He is co-author of "Private Label Uncovered"- 2011, "Managing Private Labels" – 2015 and "The Private Label Revolution" – 2019.


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