Stellungnahme zum Coronavirus

Der 47. Deutsche Marketing Tag wird auf nächstes Jahr verschoben. Grund dafür sind die Einschränkungen infolge der Corona-Pandemie, die eine Durchführung als Präsenzveranstaltung und Networking-Event so wie in der Vergangenheit nicht erlauben.

Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie weiterhin zu informieren und zu vernetzen!

Ihre Geschäftsführung der Management Forum der HANDELSBLATT MEDIA GROUP GmbH


Francois Martin
Senior Industry Consultant
Vortrag: 05.12. | 14:10 | Breakout 12: Packaging: Increase Value – Decrease Waste Reality Check with Experts
“Packaging is core to enable food preservation and transportation. Packaging is critical for the mankind. It consumes energy to be produced and recycled. Our house, called earth, is burning and we look elsewhere. I hope this Marketing Tag will ring the bell and trigger decisions.”
Francois has been working in the printing and packaging industry since 2005 in various marketing roles. As Senior Consultant, he today continues to communicate innovations which will help converters and brand owners to create a more agile and more sustainable packaging production across the entire supply chain. He strongly believes that digitalization, automation and connectivity are the main drivers to shape the future of packaging production. He is also convinced that the new consumer generation will force the entire industry to drastically reduce its environmental impact answering their needs for a customized experience addressing their values. Before becoming an industry consultant in 2018, Francois was the global head of marketing for the HP Graphics Solutions Business.


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