Dr. Rahmyn Kress
Chief Digital Officer Henkel & Founder Henkel X
Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
Vortrag: 04.12. | 16:30 | Deep Dive Session 4: Digitale Transformation wie am besten machen?
»Die digitale Transformation betrifft uns alle. Wir alle sollten zusammenkommen und unabhängig von Größe, Branche und Land zusammenarbeiten, um uns auf die Stärken des anderen zu konzentrieren anstatt gegeneinander zu arbeiten.«
Dr. Rahmyn Kress is Chief Digital Officer and Chairman of the Digital Executive Committee at Henkel and founder of Henkel X, an open-innovation platform accelerating Henkel's entrepreneurial transformation. Previously, he was President and CEO of DigiPlug, a tech company acquired by Accenture. Kress then joined ACCENTURE Ventures as their lead for Europe, Latin America and Africa. Today, Kress is an active member in the venture capital and start-up community as mentor and angel investor and a member of several executive advisory boards, including the World Economic Forum Platform Economy advisory board. Most recently, he founded an initiative that is uniting entrepreneurs, artists, business leaders, investors and strategists to create awareness and provide support around neurodiversity like ADHD and dyslexia to be recognized as unique skills in an entrepreneurial world.


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